Swing Dance

Many people dancing indoors


Every Thursday
PS1 Close House (538 S Gilbert Street, Iowa City) in the second floor ballroom.
$10 per evening. Drop in - no need to register!

A new series of 4 lessons begins at the first of every month. The first Thursday of the month is the best time to start for beginners!

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What is swing dance?

Swing dance is an umbrella term for a variety of styles of vintage jazz dance, including Lindy Hop (east coast swing), Charleston, and Balboa. They are all social and improvisational. Lindy Hop, the most famous swing dance, is an African-American jazz dance born in Harlem, New York City in 1928. It is primarily a partnered social dance, but includes elements of solo dancing, performances and competition.

Each swing dance was created alongside the popular music of their day and they have an intrinsic bond to that music. So, we still dance them to music from the 20s, 30s, and 40s (and modern bands that play in that style). The music and the dances have deep roots in Black American culture, with a celebration of rhythm, a high value on individual expression, and the use of call and response forms.

Watch the dance and learn the history:

Getting Started / Practice

Follow along with these videos to practice on your own!

🎵 Listening to vintage jazz is one of the best ways to improve your dancing.

To contact club organizers, email danceiowacity@gmail.com